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About Fusionstream - Todd Alexander and Brandon Kaminsky

Behind every successful business are the masterminds of creativity and ingenuity. Fusionstream was formed by two talented individuals who started off as a couple of computer nerds, but blossomed into experts in their own fields. Fusionstream's inception was in the fall of 1999 when we used our bleeding edge knowledge of video streaming and web design skills to create our first online application. Shortly after this successful project we realized that there was certainly a niche in the market for projects for small businesses.

In the spring of 2000, Fusionstream incorporated an became an official business of Florida. We made business cards and developed a small web site. Word of mouth brought us a lot of business over the years, as we made many custom web sites and applications for a variety of clients. In meeting with our customers, we realized that we had other skill sets to offer, such as designing print materials like magazine advertisements, postcards and business cards. We also have an extensive background in all things tech. A passion for home theater equipment, state of the art computers and home networking equipment has allowed us to offer services like PC repair and office networking, enabling wi-fi spots and making backup drives for offices.

In 2008, Fusionstream unveiled their new web site, offering a myriad of services. While global in nature, web design and development has been the backbone of Fusionstream's business. Client's based in Palm Beach and Broward county, mainly focused around Boca Raton and Fort Lauderdale have also benefited from using Fusionstream as an IT service. Recently acquired knowledge of usability principles, search engine optimization, home network solutions, NAS storage and home theater PC (HTPC) will ensure Fusionstream's cutting edge stance on technology, providing unmatched quality and experience for those clients we have yet to serve.

Todd Alexander
President, Director of Creative Services
Todd Alexander
Brandon Kaminsky
CEO, Director of Web Applications
Brandon Kaminsky

Personal profile: Todd started his adventure by learning HTML by analyzing the code from other web sites, back in 1997. HTML is the lifeblood of how a web page is formated, and why it is laid out like it is. Ironically, I started dabbling in Photoshop at the same time, learning some of it's basic functions. With these rudimentary skill sets, I was able to put custom images and photos together in a web page I designed from scratch.


In 1998 I joined Brandon Kaminsky in Gaithersburg Maryland, working for the IT department at General Electric Information Services. Together we built up 'Activereach', an internal video streaming tool that allowed the GEIS president to do live video broadcasts to 4 continents simultaneously. This technology revolved around Real Networks video technology and was one of the first implementations of it's kind in the world, especially considering the scale of the broadcasts.


The new millennium brought many opportunities. Todd was employed by Ivy Funds, a mutual fund company based on A1A in Boca Raton, FL. Duties as web master kept Todd abreast of current trends and that of corporate culture. Simultaneously, Fusionstream was gaining momentum as we launched more and more web sites.


In 2003, Todd joined the ranks at Broward College, where he worked as a Senior Web Designer. Formal Training in usability principles, search engine optimization and Photoshop added to Todd's arsenal. MAny projects kept Todd busy, such as live video broadcasts, web site redesigns,


Todd began teaching Photoshop and dreamweaver for Broward College's Continuing Education program during the spring of 2008. This year also brought a redesign of the Fusionstream web site. Todd's current focus is on that of quality SEO (search engine optimization) and continuing to improve all other skill sets.



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